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Birthing is a time of vulnerability, yet a time when a woman draws upon her deepest sources of strength.  For this journey, a birthing woman can have support and nurturing.

A doula can fulfill these needs.

A doula is there to listen without judgment.

A doula provides information to clarify birthing options.

When a woman better understands her choices, she can make informed decisions according to her own values.  She can take responsibility to create the birth of her dreams.

My goal as a doula is to give the support needed for each mother to have the birth she desires.  It is important to me that she and her partner have the ability to make wise choices for a peaceful birth.

“The pain told me what to do during labor. It’s not a life or death pain, but a directive instinctive pain… It gave me strength and guidance, then it was gone once the baby was born!!” 
- mother of two


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