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Massage therapy increases circulation, boosts immunity, promotes health, and allows the mind/body system relaxation. I offer an intuitive massage integrating many styles to provide the massage that best fits your needs. 

Spring received her certification of massage therapy in Swedish style massage. This is a technique using long smooth strokes with oil or lotion on the muscle resulting in relaxation and stress reduction. She also integrates Thai style stretching into a session to maximize the blood circulation.

Spring studied Deep Tissue and Shiatsu. Each of these types of bodywork manipulates the muscles deeply to release toxins and help to create health.

You may also want to let your mind take a vacation to hot rocks near the river or in the dessert with Hot Stone Therapy. The stones bring relief with heat leaving you feeling fresh and alive.

Prenatal massage is a wonderful time for mother and baby to just be present with one another. There are many physical discomforts that accompany pregnancy. Massage can relieve these aches by realigning and relieving the ligaments and muscles. Increasing blood circulation is beneficial to both mother and baby by enhancing oxygen supply and raising serotonin levels.  When a mother takes the time to nurture herself  it enriches the connection with her baby.

E-mail: spring@thebirthdoula.com or call: 415-742-5604 for more information.


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