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"Spring was our doula for the birth of our first child. I can not say enough good things about working with Spring. We retained her late in the game, just a few weeks out. With hardly any advance notice, she met with both myself and my husband several times and helped us pull together a birth plan that both of us were happy with. Spring's approach to our birth experience combined intuition, sound judgement and a solid understanding of the birth process. We were in labor 30 hours! Spring was with us for every moment, providing emotional and physical support, as well as being a quiet, reassuring presence. She managed to give the right advice at the right time - whether it was to tell us to speak to the baby inside to encourage the little one to be born, or helping us manage the nurses and other hospital caregivers that came and went throughout the 30 hours. I had originally not planned to hire a doula and now, after working with Spring, would not think of going through another birth without her." - Margaret, first-time mother


"Prior to making the choice to have a Doula at my birth, I had only the brief reassurance of a one day birthing class and a plethera of unsolicited birth horror stories to build my confidence that I could do this, and given there was no going back, I decided I needed something more.  I researched all the benefits of having a Doula, and at first like any new concept questioned, do I really need this, isn't this what my husband should do for me?

I am so glad I made the choice to have a Doula and if I were to do it again or reccommend to anyone else, the only change I would make is to contract earlier with her.

Where to begin...

Spring Childers was my Doula and continues to be my "Mommy" confidante.  She is more than 10 years my junior, but wise beyond her years.  I found within this one woman the inner spirit of women over time who have given birth. 

And because I was able to tap into that spirit, I became confident that my birth experience would be positive and beautiful and fearless.  She provided tireless support and techniques to keep me comfortable and calm, but it was her preparation and genuine belief in me and my power that kept me going, even when my birth experience did not go as planned.

We are now bonded to Spring, she is a part of our family and our lives, and my husband continues to look back on Vienna's birth and be thankful to Spring for her presence and support to him, so he could be better for me.  And he was terrific.

I would and do reccommend Spring to all my pregnant friends.  And can not do justice to what a difference it made to have Spring our Doula at Vienna's birth. - Adrienne, San Francisco, CA


In my first pregnancy I was thrust into the hospital unexpectedly early.  With just one phone call to Spring, she leapt into the delivery room with a red cape on before I realized that I even needed her there.  Her natural ability to read and understand a person’s energy allowed me to relax and focus on the reason we were there.  Her presence was paramount for a [fast, easy, textbook, unhindered, timely, beautiful] delivery.

Spring is truly gifted; her intuition and healing touch are known to but a few people.  During the most difficult and trying times of labor, Spring’s hands were where they needed to be, found the necessary pressure points and eased the stress.  I found that her massage during our intake period allowed us both to learn each other.  Spring also calmed the space of the delivery room by introducing aroma therapy and suggesting Hypnobabies, which was a strong tool for relaxation between contractions.

Spring allowed my husband and me to make our own decisions and still feel comfortable.  After the baby arrived and everyone’s focus was turned away from the mother, Spring was right there with me as I recovered.
- Elizabeth, Berkeley, CA


My experience with Spring as my doula was all wonderful.  She has a way about her that is very comforting and fits perfectly with what you want from a doula.  She seems to know exactly when and how to support you and exactly when to back away.  Additionally, her experience with massage is the icing on the cake!  I was able to have the natural birth that I was hoping for and I am certain that was possible because Spring was in the mix.  I will certainly ask her to be with me again when I have my second child if all goes as I hope it does. - Jenny, Richmond, CA


Spring is an excellent doula, masseuse and listener. My second child birth experience was so comfortable and relaxing I didn't even know it was time to push! Her energy combined with my husband's made the hours go by relatively painlessly, we were even laughing and I was cracking jokes until transition! Erika, Guerneville, CA



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